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March 1, 2009
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Style Meme from PIXIV by cloverinblue Style Meme from PIXIV by cloverinblue
EDIT - Didn't make this, didn't translate it, please don't bother crediting me at all. Just link here if you like, better yet, also provide the PIXIV link: [link]

I'm uncomfortable with undue credit. ^ ^ ;;;;;;;

This is a share the wealth kind of thing. Thank you for understanding. I apologize for not making this clear earlier. m(_ _)m

I didn't make this. This is a _translated_ (not by me but by some anons I asked) version of the original meme on PIXIV. Found here: [link]

I put this up here because I'd like this meme to be more accessible because it's really fun! Ergh, I hope this is okay.

1. Pick a favorite character, OC, what the hell ever (maybe a few, whatever I don't make the rules)
2. Draw them according to title above.

- Normal would be how you normally draw them.
- For Good-looking draw them in a way that makes them look very handsome or gorgeous.
- For Cute, Draw them cutely (give them big eyes, and :3 face, anything).
- Chibi is self-explanatory.
- Surreal, well um lol, that's really your interpretation (there is no real right way to do that one).
- Lastly, draw them in somebody else's style. Could be your favorite artist, mangaka, animator, Matt Groening style, Hirohiko Araki's style, Fist of the North Star style, western cartoon style, Marvel style etc

Here's an example by yours truly ♥: [link]
I used Near from Death Note as my character of choice.

And another more recent example of Gevanni from Death Note:

And I found another of this chick from Shugo Chara (Amu): [link]

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